The Founder

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The International Curriculum for Languages and Creative Arts (ICLCA).

The curriculum incorporates the latest most progressive educational thinking and pedagogical practices in early childhood education.With over 20 years of continuous development and implementation and thousands of children having been taught, it is a clear demonstration of how a truly bi-lingual and holistic curriculum can advance early age development.


Designed to lay the strongest possible foundations on which young children will build the rest of their lives, it is a curriculum of the future catering for the fundamental needs of children in the modern world.

The ICLCA offers a structured bi-lingual program for two to six year olds that promotes learning through experience, development of curiosity, creativity and originality. It represents a ground- breaking concept that is both evolutionary and developmental. Meticulously pieced together to emphasis both language and creative arts,

what it delivers is a better alternative for pre-school aged children that facilitates and equips them to engage and operate efficiently in our increasingly multi-lingual and constantly evolving world. The ICLCA has taken several decades to hone and represents the culmination of many years of development, research and planning. It is an exciting opportunity for change and progression in the early childhood arena.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who were involved in its development.

Birgit A. Ertl