The world we live in is an ever-changing environment, in many ways becoming smaller, more accessible, more knowledgeable and certainly its people have to modernise their thinking to stay ahead. The ICLCA has been developed out of necessity; enabling the next generation to be contemporary thinkers, stand out from the ordinary and most importantly be confident in their individuality.
Children are the source. Vitality, innocence, curiosity are occurring naturally in their open minds; and it is these notions that give The ICLCA its raison d’être. 

The ICLCA is a tailor made curriculum that has been implemented in Dubai over the past 12 years under Birgit’s management in collaboration with a team of carefully selected, innovative educators.

The ICLCA has educated thousands of two to six year olds from over sixty different nationalities to an above average standard.

A core component of the ICLCA and a unique feature is its multilingual learning. Multilingual education prepares students for success beyond national borders.  In this era of globalisation, careers have no frontiers. Its holistic outlook focuses on the talents and strengths of the individual, empowering every child to achieve.  Something creative, special and unprecedented; the ICLCA generates an atmosphere that brings together emotions and experiences, where all students are seen as elite individuals.

Are you looking for a curriculum that is multilingual and fosters exceptional achievements in children and teachers? The full program and training is available.
The ICLCA is skills based curriculum that prepares for the future, utilising teaching methodologies that bring out the best in students and teachers alike without the pressure of formative assessments.
The ICLCA is a curriculum that strives for, and celebrates individuality in students and educates for a globalised world.
The ICLCA is a curriculum that nurtures the natural pathway of a child’s learning, allowing for flexibility of pace and direction.

We believe the best way to prepare our young generation for tomorrow’s world, is to celebrate the individual and nurture diversity, discover and empower every talent, to engage a love for learning.