Birgit A. Ertl

Austrian – born Birgit holds a PGC in International School Education from
Oxford Brooks University as well as a Kindergarten pedagogic diploma from Austria.

She has worked in the USA, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Madrid, Munich and Dubai.    

Founder of The International Curriculum for Languages and Creative Arts.

Founder of The Children’s Garden schools in Dubai.

Birgit always aimed high and has reinvented the scope of Early Years Education.
A complete dynamo with an extraordinary passion for her job she is often referred to as the Early Years expert.


We are living in the 21st Century and we need a curriculum to match.

It is no longer good enough to throw children into an existing program and hope they do well with it. The game has changed.
The 21st century is a whole new world compared to the previous world order.
Key qualities that we now need in order to succeed, both in a business sense and in the most important sense – in life – are creativity, imagination, innovation and communication skills.
Today’s society has such an international flavour, so it’s essential that educators and curriculars recognise the importance of engaging successfully with all sorts of different people.
Children do best when the curriculum is based on a real understanding of their specific developmental level.
The ICLCA is a curriculum designed to suit the child, not visa versa.
We need schools where student’s and teachers love going to school.

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